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 The songs in Kaleidoscopes Book 2 are longer than those in the first book, but many songs early in the book are actually still four-bar songs in which the second half is played in a different key. In this way, young students experience the challenge of greater length without an increase in memorization difficulty.

Crescendo, diminuendo, vibrato and bow stylings are introduced toward the middle of Book 2, moving toward readiness for a few simple classical pieces in the latter part of the book. Students should be approaching a full-fledged vibrato by the time they complete the book.

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Skills introducedBow lifts on pickup notes, anchored lift, spiccato, crescendo & diminuendo, dotted rhythms, grace notes, mixed meter, accents, 3/4 meter, uneven note division in 6/8, ties, rapid 16th notes, vibrato
Keys introducedE minor, Bb major / G minor, C major / A minor

Transposition into relative minor

Two keys within one song
Unique featuresVariety of minor songs and lullabies

Baroque bow stylings sequenced in increasing complexity

Several spiccato songs to develop mastery
Suzuki EquivalentKaleidoscopes Book 2 songs are a similar level of difficulty as those in the middle of Suzuki Book 1. They will be enjoyable and challenging even for a transfer student who has completed Suzuki Book 1 because they use a significantly different skill set including 3rd position, unfamiliar keys and wider variety of songs.
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