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Kaleidoscopes Book 3 picture The songs in Kaleidoscopes Book 3 are genuinely longer than those in Book 2, as the student has now grasped many recurring melodic patterns and can more easily memorize several distinct phrases in one piece.

Looking ahead to Vivaldi, Book 3 uses Celtic fiddle tunes to develop a quick left hand and fluent string crossings. Classical pieces are now explored in earnest, with the student now able to perform them with stylistically appropriate dynamics, articulations and tone.

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Skills introducedGrace notes, 16th note divisions within 6/8 and 9/8 meter, complex dynamic shapes, continuous vibrato, accents, subito dynamics, 2nd position, harmonics, half position, forearm string crossings, left hand passagework (moderate), trills, complex bow choreography, chromatic fingering, fiddle rolls, syncopation, triple stops.
Keys introducedF major / D minor

D, G & A Dorian, B minor

Three keys within one song

Chromatic alterations
Unique featuresCarefully selected Celtic fiddle songs
Suzuki EquivalentKaleidoscopes Book 3 is similar in difficulty to Suzuki Book 2, except that skills are introduced one at a time, rather than several per song. The student accomplishes the same skill set, but has a sense of progressing faster. Students in Kaleidoscopes Book 3 will typically work on 3-4 songs at a time — one new song every few weeks, while polishing the songs already learned.

A young violinist who has partially or even completely finished Suzuki Book 2 will find Kaleidoscopes Book 3 fulfilling and challenging. The skill set is distinct but overlapping; they will be able to build finesse in phrasing, dynamics and bow stylings, since some rhythmic, bowing and fingering patterns have been encountered already.
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