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Preparing for the Violin & Bow

Designed to follow the movement building blocks (here), these pre-violin activities begin to introduce the tasks of playing one small step at a time. Some activities are pre-violin, while others use the violin and/or the bow.

Box Violin Activities

Box violin part 1

Part 1: Rest Position, Playing Position

This video introduces rest position, playing position, and the correct placement of the feet. Suggested materials: Foot chart

Box violin part 2

Part 3: Swinging the elbow

This video introduces the swinging of the violin elbow, needed to change the fingers from string to string.

Box violin part 4

Part 3: Eraser relay

Walking with an eraser on the violin will challenge your child’s focus and stability. Materials: 3 erasers or other small items

Bowhold Activities

MBB Bowhold bird story

Bowhold part 1: Bird Story

This story helps the child the remember the steps for setting up the bowhold. Materials: an unsharpened pencil.

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