The Kaleidoscopes trainings have received rave reviews from teachers all over the country and abroad. 

Join the growing number of teachers who are using our methods to create a vibrant and delightful experience for beginning players!

“I have been working hard to adapt the Kaleidoscopes method to work for the school I am currently teaching at and my students LOVE it!

I have trouble writing a long enough lesson plan because the kids are breezing through concepts and motions that took a full semester to teach before. 

I can not thank you enough for sharing this method!” — Corissa Knecht, Arizona

$425.00  350.00

Kaleidoscopes Book 1 Workshop

This training is appropriate for novice and experienced teachers alike. Topics include:

  • More efficient and effective ways to teach posture
  • Teaching inside a discovery-based approach
  • Using Kodaly principles and movable-do solfege to enhance your students’ fluency
  • A complete pre-Suzuki repertoire to ensure ease and momentum from the first lesson
  • A complete repertoire of rhythms appropriate for young learners
  • Enjoyable movement building blocks which break violin skills down into small, achievable steps.

$375.00  350.00

Kaleidoscopes Book 2 Workshop: Expressive Foundations

The fundamentals of advanced technique are built during the second year of study. Whole-body movement principles serve as the foundation for students’ gracefulness, dynamics, tone, and musical expression. Major topics in the course include:

  • Developing the vibrato
  • Whole-body movement in dynamics
  • Balancing the bow arm for tone production
  • Developing the spiccato
  • Teaching points for the Book 2 repertoire

The rich emotional plaette of Book 2 inspires and rewards students’ blossoming musical expression.

Format: Virtual live training. 


Kaleidoscopes Book 1 Practicum & Certification

This training is designed for teachers who have completed the Book 1 workshop.

This intimate training provides intensive individual mentoring, including personal growth and direct feedback on your teaching. Master the curriculum to grow your teaching business and build a studio of devoted students and parents.

Format: Virtual live training. Pay in six monthly installments.