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Being a Practice Parent: Part I


This video covers the most important things you need to know as you begin your young child on the violin. What to do in lessons, how to practice, and much more!

Being a Practice Parent: Part II


Parents of high-achieving students share how to nurture children’s ability while fostering their love of music … from pre-Twinkle to pre-college.

Being a Practice Parent: Part III


Being a practice parent has its challenging moments! In this video you’ll learn some of the pitfalls to avoid, hear other parents’ decisions practice parenting breakdowns and breakthroughs, and how a snapped string was the beginning of one young player returning to cello with renewed passion.

Practice Games


Practice games can extend your child’s attention from 20 minutes to 45 minutes or more. Artistic, kinetic, imaginative and motivational games, matched to each individual child’s temperament.

Movement Building Blocks


These movement activities are part of the Kaleidoscopes “Earn Your Violin” sequence for young beginners. Hot Cross Buns (karate chops), Let Us Chase the Squirrel (pour the water), Buttercup (straight wrist), Yankee Doodle (flat knuckle) and more.

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